Master's Degrees

Elevate Your Expertise: VWU's Premier Online Graduate Programs

At Virginia Wesleyan University, our online programs are meticulously designed to cater to professionals poised for the next step. Whether you're keen on ascending the corporate ladder with our hands-on MBA program, envisioning a leadership role in education, delving deep into environmental and sustainability challenges, or striving to make an impact in the realm of human services, VWU has got you covered. Every course integrates critical real-world skills with academic rigors, ensuring our graduates are not just prepared but poised for substantial roles in their respective sectors. Experience the flexibility, affordability, and quality of a VWU graduate degree, and let us be your partner in professional evolution.

  • $499 Cost Per Credit Hour
  • 08/28/2024 Next Start Date
  • 8 weeks Course Length

Master of Arts in Arts Leadership and Nonprofit Management
Graduate Degree

Expand you skills and understanding of ethical, effective, and dynamic leadership and the application of those skills in professional arts organizations.

Master of Business Administration
Graduate Degree

Our hands-on MBA program prepares you for a career in a global marketplace. Learn the principles of business, finance, marketing and more, and become prepared for management-level jobs in your chosen field.

Master of Education in Teacher Leadership
Graduate Degree

Prepare to enhance your students' classroom experience and influence your peers as you explore effective education strategies through courses designed to build your leadership expertise.

Master of Environmental Studies
Graduate Degree

Prepare for a career in the environment and sustainability fields by combining a rigorous academic foundation in environmental studies with coursework that develops practical real-world skills.

Master of Arts in Human Services
Graduate Degree

Enhance your knowledge base and techniques needed to work in social services, community resource, policy programs, and community-focused, health-related, public safety, and administrative positions.