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Master of Business Administration

Graduate Degree

Our hands-on MBA program prepares you for a career in a global marketplace. Learn the principles of business, finance, marketing and more, and become prepared for management-level jobs in your chosen field.

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Bachelor of Arts in Business

Undergraduate Degree

To help prepare you for a career in the competitive, innovative world of modern business, you need an online business degree that can give you the foundational skills you need to adapt and thrive. Learn fundamentals such as economics, marketing, accounting and more, so you can contribute to any business environment.

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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Undergraduate Degree

Discover a criminal justice degree with an emphasis on the societal context within which the law operates. By understanding the motives and issues that contribute to crime, you’ll be prepared for a job in criminal justice or law enforcement.

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Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Undergraduate Degree

For a successful career in environmental studies, you need a broad foundation of knowledge in key areas like science, economics and how humans fit into the natural world. Virginia Wesleyan University’s online environmental studies degree provides a well-rounded education to complement your passion for the issues facing our environment. By studying topics that emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the field, you will be able to apply what you learn in the workplace.

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Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

Undergraduate Degree

Education is increasingly important in the workforce, and a bachelor’s degree is becoming a necessity in many fields. Virginia Wesleyan University’s online bachelor’s in social science can help you put your existing credits toward completing your degree, so you can get the job you want. This flexible, affordable degree gives you a strong liberal arts foundation, and our generous credit transfer policy allows you to earn your degree faster.

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Bachelor of Arts in Comprehensive Liberal Studies

Undergraduate Degree

Our online liberal studies degree provides a customizable education that prepares you for the modern workplace. Study topics that interest you most as you earn a valuable, interdisciplinary credential grounded in the liberal arts.

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B.A. in Sustainability Management

Undergraduate Degree

Prepare for careers at the intersection of business and environmental studies with our online sustainability management degree. It combines core business skills and topics with an emphasis on sustainable practices, preparing you to help organizations build and implement ethical, environmentally-conscious strategies. With the knowledge and skills you gain in this program, you can lead businesses toward a greener, more sustainable future.

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