Social Science Careers at a Glance

If you’re having trouble choosing a major that’s right for you, Virginia Wesleyan has a solution to your problem.

With Virginia Wesleyan University’s online B.A. in Social Science, your world is opened to a multitude of professional opportunities in different fields, from business to local government, non-profit, market research and mental health support. The fully online B.A. in Social Science prepares you for a diverse field of jobs where you can find success after graduation.

Here’s a look at some jobs that are available for graduates with an online B.A. in Social Science.


If you’re into looking at big data and crunching results of advanced analytics, then a career as an analytics consultant may be right for you.

Analytics consultants create reports for businesses that show how they can increase revenues and lower costs. They also help work with other business departments in a company to gather all the data they need. Many analytics consultants are responsible for implementing data mining projects to find information that can help grow revenue and improve consumer brand awareness. reports that analytics consultants earn a median annual salary of $78,000, making it one of the more lucrative social science careers you can enter after you graduate.


As a business development associate, you would work to increase growth within your company. This can take many forms, whether improving information technology, marketing or engineering.

But overall, much of the job is focused on developing strategies to build new client relationships and boost existing partnerships. Business development associates must be comfortable with strategic planning, sales, marketing and finances, as associates use those skills to analyze for growth potential within a company.

Per, business development associates earn a median annual salary of nearly $50,000.


Another social science career that you can look into is working as a community organizer.

Community organizer is a blanket term that covers any leader who organizes and manages members of the community for a specific purpose. This can include work for a faith-based organization, a grassroots action campaign, a fundraising group or a political lobbying group.

Community organizers use excellent management, organizational, communication and leadership skills to organize rallies, expand the member base, set up meetings and research issues. The median annual salary for a community organizer is nearly $38,500, and is one of the more rewarding social science careers available.


If you have skills in information technology or computer programming, then working as a program analyst may be the career for you. Program analysts develop new computer programs and improve old ones. This involves creating and manipulating the code for the program, reviewing it for errors or bugs, and then testing the programs.

On a macro level, a program analyst studies an organization’s current computer systems and procedures and develops efficient and effective solutions to help improve the organization. The role helps bring business and IT together by understanding the strengths and limitations of both departments.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2016, computer systems analysts – similar to a program analyst – earned a median annual salary of $87,220 per year, with 54,400 jobs projected to be added to the workforce by 2026.


Using the skills from your social sciences degree, you’ll be prepared for a career as a sociologist.

Sociologists study society and social behavior by observing the activity of groups, cultures and processes and how they’re effected by social influences. Often, sociologists design projects to test theories about social and public issues, and they collect and analyze data draw from surveys, observations and interviews to come to their conclusion.

Sociologists can work in many fields, including criminal justice, education, and government.

The BLS found that sociologists earned a median annual salary of nearly $80,000, and while most sociologists have Ph.Ds, those holding a bachelor’s degree can find employment in a related field that uses sociological skills.


Take your skills as a skilled researcher and use them to help improve your non-profit organization. As a program assistant, you’ll be responsible for assisting the program director, including researching and analyzing the needs of both the organization and its members.

Program assistants assist in research and decision-making processes to improve the organization, and maintain reports and ensure that records are documented.

Program assistants earn a median annual salary of $38,596 per


Organizations who are looking for candidates to fill high-paying jobs are seeking candidates who have many skills you’ll learn with a social science degree. Hiring managers look for candidates with strong critical thinking skills, the ability to analyze human behavior, and hard workers, as well as candidates who are people oriented.

As a versatile degree program, the online B.A. in Social Science grooms you to become an ideal candidate for one of these roles.


If you’re still undecided on a major but you are a hard worker and enjoy critical thinking and research, then enroll today in Virginia Wesleyan University’s fully-online B.A. in Social Sciences. This flexible, affordable degree will give you a strong liberal arts foundation while also taking classes across disciplines, including business, sociology and criminal justice.

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