Leadership Roles and Business Personalities [Infographic]

To run successfully, a business requires a number of differing personalities. As leadership is a multi-faceted concept, it can be difficult to ascertain which business personalities will fit with specific leadership roles. This infographic describes a variety of leadership roles that may coincide with your unique wheelhouse of talents.

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Transcript: Leadership Roles and Business Personalities

Avast Ye, Leaders

According to a study of 195 leaders around the world, a great leader can do it all. They should: (1)

  • Have strong ethics
  • Be self-organizing
  • Be an efficient learner
  • Nurture growth in others
  • Create a sense of connection and belonging

Perhaps this is a bit much to expect of one person. This is why multiple types of leaders are necessary to build a successful team.

Only 5%

Percentage of companies that have invested in leadership development at every level (2)

But 83% of organizations say that this is an important part of running a successful business. (2)

This goes for the high seas, too, where adventurers of all kinds are needed to control different aspects of the ship.

The Crew

On this ship, they’re all leaders. Each team member is a specialist in their own way. (3,4,5,6)

The Navigator

Role: The strategist

Main attributes: Creative, thoughtful, organized

Tasks: Designing marketing concepts, making plans, ensuring smooth operations

Fitting careers: Nonprofits

The Quartermaster

Role: The expert

Main attributes: Determined, meticulous

Tasks: Managing people and projects, making checklists, ensuring follow-through

Fitting careers: Project management

The Master Gunner

Role: The communicator

Main attributes: Bold, prepared, risk-taking

Tasks: Seeking outside resources, pitching to investors

Fitting careers: Marketing

The Boatswain

Role: The financial guru

Main attributes: Looking at individual pieces of a system, finding gaps in plans

Tasks: Software testing, workflow process review

Fitting careers: Accounting or business analytics

The Captain

Role: The Leader

Main attributes: Responsible, able to see the bigger picture

Tasks: Taking responsibility for the failure or success of all projects

Fitting careers: CEO

The Science of Effective Teams

Believe it or not, there is scientific theory that supports the most effective way to build teams. Behind the most productive squads are a few essential elements. (1,7)

Mirror neurons

This neuroscientific element enables people to share emotions. Leaders must show strength and positivity in this regard, as employees will often feel shadows of their boss’ mood. Remember, emotions are contagious.


This allows individuals to have independent knowledge that, in turn, makes them more valuable as a team asset. In concrete terms, if someone knows SEO, someone knows social media, and someone else knows email marketing, the team can work together.

A team should be a network of individual skills and knowledge.


This enables individual team members to relate to one another, and build off each other’s talents, instead of only connecting with the boss.

Strong communication leads to stronger connections. The three most important communication patterns for teams include:

High frequency: The most successful teams communicate at least a dozen times per hour.

Talk ratio: All members of a team talk and listen in equal measure.

Outside sources: Team members feel comfortable communicating with those outside the group for specific expertise.


This enables interdisciplinary science to take hold, so that productivity, logic, thoroughness, and creativity work in tandem.

The perfect team size:

  • 5 if the group are intimate friends
  • 12 to 15 if the group are friends
  • Up to 35 for cooperative acquaintances

Physical presence

Multiple studies have shown that teams who come together in a physical workspace and read each other’s body language have a higher level of success in their projects. This is why the placement of desks in an office space is so important.

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