General Education Requirements

General Education

At VWU, we nurture learners in a community grounded in critical thinking, empathy, and civil discourse.  Faculty practice active pedagogies that help students understand how to examine issues, events, and ideas from diverse perspectives.  Faculty are committed to teaching in ways that lead students to understand the world and to find a place in it.  We want students to develop intellectual curiosity–a need to know who, how, and why.

The purpose of general education is to introduce a broad range of academic pursuits and to teach students to integrate knowledge and use multiple perspectives to inform thinking and problem solving.   Our curriculum brings students from across the university together in three seminar-style courses in which the process of liberal education is begun (Seminar I) and developed (Seminars II and III).  Seminars focus on topics chosen by the faculty and there is a wide variety of offerings each semester.

General Education Requirements (40-52 semester hours)
Wesleyan Seminars (12 semester hours)
Breadth Requirement (24 semester hours)
English Composition (4 semester hours)
Foreign Language Proficiency (up to 12 semester hours, depending on placement)